My very short stint of a college baseball career (14 innings pitched Freshman year, 1 Earned Run) kicked off this side-project for me. Having talked to dozens of coaches throughout the years and knowing a little bit about pitching myself, I know there's value in a system that tracks progress and allows coaches to break down pitcher tendencies and implement changes and make decisions based on data. Yet, this need hasn't been met in a meaningful way. That's my goal.


PHP, MySQL, Objective-C, Swift, JSON API, iOS Core Data


Pitch Cast supports hundreds of user accounts and thousands of shared sessions through its web component, and continues to add downloads and accounts every day.


I plan to rebuild much of the core data and web infrastructure that drives the app in order to give coaches more data points to look at and more ways to break down data, view tendencies, and extract measures of pitcher performance. This will likely entail upgrades to the data architecture as a whole (the first step) in an effort to make the models more extensible in the future.