Jan Timpe

Software engineer, Fayetteville, AR


I'm Jan, a web and mobile application developer currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science from the University of Arkansas. My life revolves around baseball, code, heavy metal, and lifting weights.

squat 315
bench press 235
overhead press 145
snatch 165
deadlift 385
clean and jerk 215


Essentially all of my personal and freelance projects involve baseball; it's a game of statistics and I love statistics. Various other mini-projects and academic projects exist on my Github.


A pitching chart and progress tracker for baseball and softball. An ongoing personal project (my baby)

five tool

App developed for a series of elite baseball tournaments across several states, including Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma.

next level baseball

Website and custom facility scheduling system developed for a growing Springdale-based small business.

on time baseball

A batter timing app designed to help hitters improve timing by associating visual cues with audio training.


Note: I will not respond to message from any Nigerian prince.

George W. Bush 'you fool me once.....'